Invest in Solar Power for Your Community

Non-Profit organizations, like churches and community groups invest in renewable energy solutions. Not only does it fix costs, making budgeting for the future easier, but it often is inline with your values.  Discover how using the power of renewable energy can support your NPO with Solarium Energy.

Protect yourself against rising utility rates.

As our global population and economy grows, so does our demand for energy.  We are also faced with declining amounts of fossil fuels.  These two factors work against us, the consumers.  Demand is increasing, and supply is decreasing.  Rates will continue to increase, as the shortage causes price spikes.  Generally speaking, utility rates are rising faster than inflation.  You can lock yourself in now!  With a Solar Power System, the initial investment is your cost of electricity for the next 40 years!  Being a producer of your own power, you are insulated against the future rate increases.

Solar Power is a Good Investment

Your initial rate of return can be as high as 10%.  The more that the rates go up, the higher your rate of return.  The investment is as profitable as any other type of investment.  With the reliability of Solar products, and the equipment on your roof, an investment doesn’t get any safer.

The government will help you pay for Your system

Many states have implemented Solar Energy Rebate programs, to help offset the up front costs of a System.  In California, the combined Federal and State programs will often cover 50% of your installation cost.  That is a HUGE DISCOUNT!  If you purchase a system costing $60,000, your State Rebate would be around $12,000.  Your Federal Tax Credit would be 30%, or $18,000.  Your entire system cost would be reduced to $30,000.  You do need to hurry, as more people enroll in the rebate program, the rebate level declines.  Currently, the rebate is $1.55 per installed watt, and will soon reduce to $1.10 per watt.  Amounts will continue to decline until the program funds are depleted.  The Federal Government has just extended the 30% tax credit until the end of 2016 for commercial installations. Follow the links below for more information, regarding your specific situation.

Using Solar Power is environmentally responsible

As a producer of your own, clean solar power, you are giving us all a breath of fresh air.  By now, we all know about our climate’s delicate state.  Our C0² pollution is causing catostrophic global climate changes.  The changes will continue until we all do the right thing, turning away from fossil fuels and using clean renewable energy sources instead.  Your small power system can make a huge difference.  A small 3k watt power system will remove 5,293 lbs of co² emissions annually.  That is equivalent of planting 17,822 square feet of trees, or not driving 6,352 miles – LA-NY 2.5 times.  You are making a difference.

More Energy, Increased Savings

As a California State Licensed Contractor, we are dedicated to helping you install your Renewable Energy System.  We can help you with all aspects of your installation.  This includes financing, design, rebate paperwork, permits and installation.  Our team takes pride in providing the highest quality service.  For More information, please follow the links below: